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 is a visual entertaining art project of the artist Èv van Hettmer with the focus on a practical mental self-care in the cyber reality. It recreates the conditions of the modern cyborg living the metaverse with adding the soft skills and sensuale experience of feelings. The outcome should provide a new meta philosophy and provide self-care education.

Balancing the delicate dance between wisdom of the fine arts and nurturing care within the immersive expanse of the metaverse, Blossoming Cherry Tree emerges as a beacon of ethereal grace. It bestows upon the cybernetic realm a tapestry woven with the threads of soft skills and profound emotions, imbuing the digital landscape with a touch of humanity. Within the secure confines of its virtual embrace, Blossoming Cherry Tree espouses a philosophy rooted in the sanctity of sensory experience, sensuality, and the preservation of personal space. Its ethos reverberates with the resonance of core values, heralding the advent of a metaverse that champions individual rights and cultivates an environment of comfort and solace. In the intricate interplay of senses, it orchestrates a symphony of sensations that transcend the boundaries of the physical and the digital, weaving a tapestry of memories and security. Like the artful arrangement of furniture in a tranquil abode, it invokes the principles of Feng Shui, harmonizing the energies of the metaverse to create a sanctuary of balance and serenity.

Evoking memories of the enchanting Cherry Tree-lined alleys along Hamburg's Alster, or the intoxicating allure of New York's Springtime blooms, Blossoming Cherry Tree infuses the metaverse with the same palpable joy and enthusiasm. Its delicate pink hues and ethereal fragrances become vessels for shared experiences, bridging the chasm between the digital and the corporeal with effortless grace.Inspired by the cyclical rejuvenation witnessed in nature with each passing year, Blossoming Cherry Tree draws its essence from the resplendent spectacle of a new beginning after the long winter's slumber. Guided by the artistic vision of Èv van Hettmer, whose oeuvre revolves around themes of personal space, intimacy, and sensuality, it channels these very qualities into the virtual realm.

Backround NFT Artwork: “Crypto Erotic Painting #1”, Èv van Hettmer, 2022. Find on OpenSea.Io︎︎︎